Print, Web, Motion Graphics & Tattoos.

My name is Tabor, I'm a digital designer and short filmmaker. I was born in Colorado, USA and moved to the Gold Coast of Australia in 1999, where I waited anxiously for the Y2K bug to ruin our lives, and when that didn't happen I decided to pursue a career in the digital creative field.  Over the years I've been lucky enough to have done work for people all over the world, and have met some amazing dudes and dudettes along the way.

In my spare time, when I'm not getting tattoos... (which come to think of it I'm long overdue) I like to practice compositing visual effects into uber-short films with my kids so they look like they're shooting guns and blowing stuff up, because they love it. 

I try to post one, and only one photo to Instagram every day.  Sometimes I miss a day, sometimes I take a dozen. You're probably here to see my work though, so jump to it or start scrollin'. If you're interested in discussing a project or working together, let me know.


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